More than 4 000 000 checkins per year

Private renters in Croatia report more than 4 million guests per year to the Croatian National Tourist Board. Each check-in takes at least a few minutes to complete.

inCheckin shortens the check-in process to just a few seconds.

Who is it for?

Small-scale private renters

inCheckin Personal

Scan and check-in

The mobile app for quick guest check-ins to the eVisitor system for small-scale private renters, using automated scanning and reading of personal and travel documents.

Mobilna aplikacija za brzu prijavu boravka gostiju u privatnom smještaju na eVisitor sustav, pomoću automatiziranog čitanja dokumenata po principu "slikaj i prijavi".


inStart 100 check-ins - 100 HRK

inBasic 500 check-ins - 300 HRK

inStandard 1000 check-ins - 500 HRK

inPremium Unlimited check-ins - 3000 HRK

Duration*: One year

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Document scan

Using your smartphone's built-in camera.

inCheckin can read almost all travel documents of guests from all over the world, and most personal documents of EU guests. It allows quick check-ins to the eVisitor system with minimal user intervention.

Simply point your smartphone's camera to a document's machine readable zone or choose a document image from the gallery and inCheckin will do the rest for you.


eVisitor integration

Each private renter has registered accommodation objects on the eVisitor system.

inCheckin downloads your accommodation objects from the eVisitor system to allow you to check-in individual guests or groups for each accommodation object separately. It also adapts well to real-world rental dynamics, allowing you to quickly change the check-out date for each individual guest.


checkin guest

Check-in process is simple

Download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  1. Create a new check-in
  2. Add guests to the check-in by scanning their documents using your smartphone's camera
  3. Send the check-in to eVisitor
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Potpuna verzija aplikacije

Lite/demo verzija aplikacije

(bez mogućnosti prijave gosta na eVisitor sustav)

inCheckin is not just for private renters

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